5 Best Email Marketing Tips

best email marketing tips

If you’re looking to up your digital marketing game, then email marketing is a vital ingredient. Here are the 5 best email marketing tips, for your business.

Best Email Marketing Tips

1. Grow your email list organically.

We strongly advise clients not to purchase email lists. Therefore, capturing previous customer emails, is a vital method to grow your email database. These can be captured naturally with built in forms on your website via enticing signup forms.  Also, your ecommerce website can incorporate a subscribe now tick box on your checkout page. Furthermore, they can become weaved into free giveaways and pop up forms, which are great for converting new subscribers.

For example, you can entice Prospects to sign up with their email address for a free pdf, product sample, or other freebie relevant to your business. Though a word of caution here; your free giveaway should be something of value for your customers. This is imperative, if you want them to take action and subscribe to your email list. Growing your list organically is one of the best email marketing tips we can offer you. Simply, because it ensures that you have a captive audience, whom will engage with your emails.

2. Send regular emails but don’t over do it.

It’s important to stay in touch with customers and ensure that you are always in the minds of buyers. However, it is worth bearing in mind that emails are a very personal communication and if sent too often; they can start to feel more like harassment, than a welcoming message of value. We’d recommend sending no more than 2 or 3 emails per month and always ensure that your emails contain something of interest, for your customers.

Equally, we’d recommend sending your emails on various days. i.e. don’t send your emails every Monday, every week. For example, if you were to look at an 8 week cycle: Week 1 send your email on a Monday at 9am. Week 2, send your email on a Wednesday at 1pm and week 3, on Friday at 6pm etc. Then again, you must also think about what times and days you are more likely to get higher open rates and click rates. You can obtain this information by testing various days and times. Then, comparing your analytic data on your email marketing platform.

Nonetheless, it’s important to analyse the best times to send emails, coupled with staggering the emails, to ensure your customers do not feel inundated. If you’re new to email marketing and looking for the best platform to use, we advise our clients to open a free account with Mailchimp. The platform is ideal for professionals, start ups and SMEs. It features an easy to use email template, design and a wealth of analytics data.

3. Create compelling content.

You might think that your latest offer is the best thing since sliced bread but you’re kidding yourself, if you think that customers, are as concerned as you are. So, instead of blasting customers with sales speech and jargon, try to create content with human emotion, that brings value to them or even puts a smile ton their face. This is such a simple concept but is often overlooked, in the busy day to day running of a for profit business. Especially when your Sales Manager is breathing down your neck to meet targets. Sometimes, Marketeers are pressured into low priced offers and best deal emails, which tend to get deleted as soon as they reach the customers inbox.

Now, there is a time and a place for offer style emails but those offers must be genuine and of value. If you’ve sent an email with 20% off every week, for the past 12 months; more than likely, your reader has switched off and will either unsubscribe, or just send your email to junk. In contrast, compelling content is vital to keeping your customers engaged. One of the best ways to visually convey your story, is to hire a professional photographer. Our Director of Photography Colby Robinson, works with external Marketeers to help them create engaging and visually compelling imagery. This is part of the UP8 corporate photography service. Likewise, another great way to bring your product or service alive, is to write great copy and illustrate with great visuals. That’s why, one of the best email marketing tips, is to make sure that you always create compelling content for your viewers.

4. Write an enticing subject line.

If you get this wrong, your customers will delete your email before they’ve even opened it for sure! Posing a question, that gets to the heart of your customers problems are always good subject headers. For example, “Looking for an Email Marketing Solution?” would be a good question to pose to someone who is looking for email marketing solutions.

Or another approach is to state the number of points in the Subject. For example, the title of this article is “5 Best Email Marketing Tips”. Notice, we didn’t just call it “Best Email Marketing Tips”? This works because people are time poor, so are far more receptive to read a 5 point email, than an essay about email marketing advice.

Also, another enticing strategy is to show the reader what they could be missing, if they don’t open your email. For example “Email Solutions You Didn’t Know”. Let’s be honest, nobody likes to be out of the loop on anything. Therefore, if you pose your subject header in this way, readers are going to be compelled to read on and find out what they didn’t know.

5. Beware of Spam Filters.

Spam filters work by a variety of triggers. Two of these are key spam trigger words and emails that are too heavy in favour of image to text ratio. Firstly, key spam trigger words are things such as; buy, offer, order, money, million dollars, no fee, unsecured credit, lose weight, insurance, prize, free, bonus and many others. In essence, if your email comes across as very sales like, then it’ll likely get caught in spam filters. Similarly, if your email if full of imagery i.e. high image to text ratio, it will likely be seen as spam. Therefore, try to make your emails natural and conversational. Moreover, write as though you are emailing a work colleague or friend. That way, your email will not only more likely bypass spam filters but your reader will also likely be more receptive to it.

5 Best Email Marketing Tips – Conclusion

So, to sum up. First, we suggest that you grow your email list and database organically. Stay away from bought lists, that may have high bounce rates. Second, send regular emails but don’t become a nuisance! Third, create compelling content that your customers will want to read. Please don’t just bombard them with offers galore. We all know how annoying that is! Fourth, grab your customers attention from the very start, with a great email subject header. Fifth, beware of spam filters and the triggers that will send your email to junk, rather than to your customers inbox.

We hope you find these 5 points useful and can apply them to your own business. If you wish to discuss any points in this article, then we’d love to hear from you.

To your success.

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      Hey Alison, it depends on your business and requirements. However, services like SendInBlue, Mailchimp and others offer simple to use solutions. Their packages also tend to scale with your business and requirements too. i.e. if you have a smaller number of contacts and send less frequently, you tend to pay less but as your following grows, you can upscale your account. I know Mailchimp offer a free account to start, which is great. If you need further support, feel free to get in touch 🙂

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