Tell Your Story with Blogging

Professional Copywriting For Your Business

Are you looking for a blogging or copywriting agency? UP8 Create are experts in creating written content for your website. We build your brand and engage your customers. UP8 can plan, write and publish your copy for you. Whether it’s blog content, or copy for your service pages, we have the expertise to increase your authority online.

60% of marketers say that inbound (SEO, blog content, etc) is their highest quality source of leads. – HubSpot
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Why is blogging so important?

Through effective copywriting, UP8 can help your business connect with your customers and exchange feedback. Plus, if great copy is created for your website and blog, it will form part of your overall SEO strategy and drive traffic to your website. The community that you build around your blog, can help determine your business success. It’s imperative to build engaged readers and convert those readers into customers.

Why Work with a Blogging Agency?

Every business needs a blog, or great copy for their services and/or products. Therefore, every business needs an excellent copywriter. So, why not outsource your blogging and copywriting to a professional writer? We have all read a blog, or email, whereby the grammar was poor or worse yet, the spelling was terribal! (!)
Joking aside, poor copy reflects badly on your business and loses your customer’s confidence. Therefore, we invite you to work with us, to create copy that will inspire your customers and promote your brand.

Many self blogging businesses start out with great intentions but don’t realise how much commitment is necessary, to keep blogs consistent and effective.

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Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

To put it simply, well-written copy will help your business:

  • Establish authority and trust within your marketplace
  • Create an essential conversation between you and your customers
  • Allow your content to be shared and liked
  • Improve your SEO on Google and other search engines
  • Create vibrant content to promote on your social media channels
  • Express your company’s personality
  • Increase Revenue

UP8 will produce consistently high quality content, to ensure that your customers will always have engaging content, to increase sales. To find out how we can create inspiring copy for you business, speak with us today.