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Are you looking for a professional editorial photographer? If so, UP8 Create has over 25 years photography industry experience. We understand that, since the dawn of time, storytelling has been a powerful medium for communication. Furthermore, the combination of well chosen words, with impactful imagery, is an extremely powerful way to convey your message. Therefore, choose today, to give your editorial piece greater power and combine your words, with stunning photography.

“A Picture Paints A Thousand Words”

Make Your Story Come Alive, with Inspiring Photography

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Illustrate Your Story, with an Editorial Photographer | Working with Press and Publications

The purpose of editorial photography, is to illustrate a story. This is why UP8 Create go to great lengths, to fully understand the writer’s brief and intentions. As well as working closely with Editors and other stakeholders, to ensure that our work is aligned with your publication, or press objectives. 

Whether the story/news is light-hearted, has commercial intent, or is written with a more serious purpose; UP8 Create will ensure that the photographs we capture, will perfectly reflect and reaffirm, the message that you wish to convey.  

Furthermore, our editorial photographers work flexibly, so as to meet the requirements of your busy schedule. Regardless of the location, setting, object or people being photographed, our aim is to work tirelessly to ensure that we capture the perfect shot. Equally, our experts works are only complete, once you are 100% happy with the results. That is to say, that we will re-shoot, re-edit and keep working until the images you are given, are the images that perfectly fit with your story and convey your message correctly. 

Commision An Editorial Photographer, with UP8 Create

To commision your editorial photographer, just get in touch with us today. We can arrange a free consultation with you, to discuss your particular requirements. Furthermore, this can be organised on a date, that suits your busy schedule. Allow our experience, knowledge and expertise in editorial photography, to bring your story alive. Not only this but our images will be delivered on-time, within budget and in accordance with our agreed terms. Moreover, your new editorial images will be delivered to the absolute highest standards,  no exceptions and if you are not completely happy with the work, then we offer a 100% money back guarantee.