Event Photography

Hire an event photographer, to encapsulate the energy of your proceedings. Whatever type of event you have planned, UP8 Create will create imagery that will make your event, the envy of everyone who missed it. We invite you to inspire your clients, potential customers and stakeholders, with photography that gets to the heart of every special moment. Whether that be a gentle smile, subtle gesture, magnificent entertainment or any other little detail, all will be enveloped into your final portfolio of images. Furthermore, our professional event photography service, is designed with commerciality in mind. This means, that we work closely with your team, to ensure that your new photographs align perfectly, with your marketing and promotional objectives.

Great Events, Deserve Great Photography

Hire An Event Photographer and Capture Your Great Moments

Creek Marathon Event

What's Your Event? Types of Event Photography

With over 25 years of photography experience, our team have covered nearly every type of event imaginable. This includes; corporate event photography, sporting event photography, music event photography, fashion event photography and just about every other style of event photography that there is. As a result, you can be even more confident, that our team will capture your special event, exactly how you want it.

Furthermore, our goal, is to align with yours. Therefore, we support your objectives of creating engaging content, by supplying you with imagery, that tells the story you want to tell. Notably, this is achieved by our years of experience and skill, within the event photography field. 

Likewise, we work closely with event organisers, marketing managers, conference producers and PR agents, to ensure clearly defined goals and deliverables. Moreover, we offer clear and affordable pricing structures, with no hidden charges. Thus, giving you even more peace of mind.
Lastly, our team of professional event photographers, work flexibly. This is so that we serve your business needs, to achieve the best possible results. This includes flexibility around locations, timings and other specific requirements. Although UP8 Create are based in the North West, our event photography service covers the entire United Kingdom and locations abroad.

How To Commission Your Event Photographer

To work with us, simply get in touch today, to discuss your requirements. During your initial free consultation, we can start to formulate a plan together, as to the best arrangements for your event photography. Once you commision us to work with you, your event will become our priority. Whether it’s a corporate event, exhibition, sporting contest, music event, fashion show, or general promotional campaign, our photographers will be there to capture it in the best possible way.