What Is The ‘Right’ Way To Sell?

In today’s modern technology led landscape, selling and marketing has taken many forms.

Likewise, how we ‘sell’ and ‘market’ our products and services, continues to evolve.

Think about it:

What was once the norm of any sale, is today, sometimes thought of as an obtrusive or outdated sales tactic.

Even strategies and techniques, that were the latest guru’s secret weapon just a year ago, have suddenly become a fool’s errand, in the eyes of today’s expert.

Who are you selling to?

So, how do you know what works and what doesn’t?

What’s often forgotten, is that businesses’ must develop their sales and marketing strategies, by first identifying their customer persona.

Let’s consider:

  • Who is your customer?
  • And how do they like to communicate?

What comes with an understanding of customer’s likes and dislikes, is that there are so many different preferences. What ‘is’ and ‘isn’t’ acceptable in sales and marketing, is different according to people’s different experiences and values.

This includes your customer’s preferences too!

So many Gurus today, talk about the latest inbound marketing technique or the best way to build relationships on Social Media.

Which is absolutely great!

However, many traditional, tried and tested approaches get forgotten and new modern approaches get marketed as the right and ‘only’ way, to grow your business.

The truth of successful Sales and Marketing is far more complex.

For example:

Let’s say, you’re pitching your new product or service to a start-up company, headed by an ex Sales Director, who’s had 25 years of sales experience in his or her industry.

How do you think he or she, will prefer to be sold to?

By an automated bot? … I doubt it.

More than likely, he or she, will develop an affinity with a fantastic sales call, with a great pitch and excellent follow up. From a Sales expert who builds great rapport.


Because that’s what they know best.

As such, that’s likely what he or she, will appreciate most.

Does this mean that all other approaches won’t work?

Of course not, but:

we should not rule out more traditional approaches, or develop tunnel vision thinking, as to what will, or will not bring success.

Will Great Sales and Marketing, Guarantee Success?

Sales & Marketing is super important but it’s definitely not everything.

The truth about creating a successful business, is even more complex than running a successful Sales and Marketing campaign.

As, no matter how amazing your Sales and Marketing campaigns are, if your product or service, doesn’t live up to your promises; then it’s over before you’ve even begun.

So, what’s the message?

Just try not to get too hung up, on the latest fad or technique.

Instead, just remember to focus on the things that really matter, for your business and your customers.

Provide the value, that you promise in your Advertising! That is the sure-fire way, to ensure success above all else.

People Buy From People

This is an old and familiar saying but it’s also very true.

People do buy from people.

Even if that person, is a fictitious brand voice, that has been excellently positioned in the marketplace and thus, captured its audience’s imagination and trust.

People knowingly or unknowingly, seek rapport, to help them form judgements. Whether that’s with a person or a brand.

So, it’s worth remembering and understanding, that your target market, audience segments and personas, will greatly impact ‘how you sell’ and if your sales pitch is successful.


Never rule out the many tools and strategies that could work for your business.

As an agency, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with so many different businesses’ over the years.

As a result, we’ve seen the many and varied approaches, that have created successful Sales funnels and profits.

Successful Business Examples – The Right Way To Sell.

Here are some examples of successful Sales & Marketing strategies, from successful businesses, that are winning in their industry.

(We’ve hidden their identity, to protect their commercial interests)

Company A

A service led business, that has an entire office floor of sales staff specialising in telesales. Their sales teams spend the entire day, researching prospects online and cold calling to generate business. This company turned over £6 million in 2018.

Company B

This is a one-man band (he has 1 assistant that makes up his staff!), who’s profession is a life coach. He ran his business online from his home in Bali. During this time, he relied entirely on his social media platforms to drive traffic to his website. Whereby, hundreds of his clients would sign up for life coaching courses, between $200 to $3000, per course.

Company C

This company is a local clothing store. They rely heavily on passing trade. Therefore, their shop location was paramount to their success. Before working with UP8, they had no online presence at all. However, their sales were extensive even before going online, due to their prime location. Today, they benefit from both high instore sales and doubled sales, via their ecommerce platform.

Company D

This company is a recruitment business. They acquired both clients and candidates, through automated use of LinkedIn and online platforms. As well as, traditional telesales and face to face meetings. They used the wide scope of technology to first engage with potential candidates and clients. Then, they would follow up with arranged consultations, via the phone or face to face.

Company E

This business sells license subscriptions to software and apps. Most of their leads come through inbound marketing, via their well-written and SEO friendly blog. Plus, they carry out a lot of ASO (App Store Optimisation), to ensure their apps are found on iPhone and Android. Other than technical email support for users, they have no real contact with their customers. Especially not via traditional telephone or face to face communications.

As all the above examples show; the ‘right’ way to sell, doesn’t really exist.

Yes, there may be a right way for your business and your customers, but every business is different and every team that runs a business, is also different.

Granted, there are things that work well and things that don’t. However, there’s no ultimate and final way to do business or generate sales.

Diversifying Your Sales & Marketing

Our advice to clients is to diversify your sales and marketing.

This includes multiple digital marketing services, not just one.

Let me explain:

If you’re carrying out a successful PPC campaign and it’s bringing you profit. Then it makes complete sense, to run an SEO and Social Media campaign alongside your PPC campaign.


… Well yes, if you’re using multiple digital marketing services, it’s good for us as a digital marketing agency! 😉

However, it’s even better for you as a client because you are diversifying your digital marketing.

For those of you who may not be familiar with diversification.

It’s a strategy that financial experts use to:

Diversify financial assets, investments or income. So as to, protect your overall financial health, from potential instability, in any given marketplace.

For example:

If one asset, investment or income, isn’t performing as well as it should. Then, financial security can still be achieved by the other assets, investments and income.

This is because, the assets, investments or income which are performing well, can pick up any financial shortfall that may exist, from the under-performing asset, investment or income.

The same principle can be applied to your Sales and Marketing campaigns.

So in short, we advise clients to not be a one trick Pony!

Instead, diversify your sales and marketing campaigns.

As intelligent diversification, mixed with test driven analysis, is a great way to ensure your success.

The Right Way To Sell
– Summary

In summary, we recommend that you try many avenues for your sales and marketing campaigns. Plus, test, re-test and re-test again, to see what works best for your business.

Also, never rule out any approach, based on a blog from the latest business Guru, or know-it-all!

Find your own way and make it happen.

So, what’s your opinion?

… Is there a ‘right’ way to sell?

If so, what has worked well for your business?

We’d love to hear about the success that you’ve had, with your Sales and Marketing campaigns.

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  1. Lisa Cockrell

    I’ve worked in procurement for most of my career, so I’ve been sold to a lot! I find, it’s not so much the method of communication that matters too much but the skill with the method. We’ve had some cold calling, that although was first unwelcome eventually we wanted to give them business because they were so nice on the phone. on the flipside, we’ve had pushy rude sales calls that are a complete turn off. Same thing with emails, some are entertaining, where others are just annoying.Its how you do what you do, rather than what you do i believe.

  2. Barry Olsen

    Very true too often people get caught up in the latest business guru mentality. I find the younger professionals do this a lot and are a lot of the time scared to just pick up the phone and ring a client. Instead they send 5 emails, 2 text messages and nudge them on facebook

  3. I think you have mentioned some very interesting points, thanks for the post.

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